These organic catnip stuffed wine cork toys are sure to make your cat go bonkers! It's no secret cats love tossing around corks, especially with their unpredictable bounce patterns, but now they are even more irresistible, because they are chock full of catnip!


Note: Please, dispose of and replace cork toys if they begin to crumble over time.

Cat Toy - Wine Corks

    • Six holes allow the catnip scent to permeate the cork
    • Brand new wine corks, not stinky, moldy used ones
    • Each order contains three cork toys
    • Stuffed full with organic catnip grown in the USA
    • Materials: Cork (new), organic catnip
    • Dimensions: 1.75 x 1 in
    • Weight: .125 oz
    • Made in Seattle, WA, USA