Frequently asked questions

How do I make my own cardboard inserts?

If you want to be precise, remove one of the existing pre-cut inserts, trace it onto whatever scratchable material it is you're using and then carefully cut it out. However, cats don't seem too concerned with a perfect cut, so as long as your upcycled insert fits onto the kebab (about a 1.5" square in the middle), you're good to go! Also, feel free to be creative; inserts don't necessarily have to be flat peices of corrugated cardboard (toilet paper rolls?!). One last note on this, if you are recycling things like used shipping boxes as inserts, we suggest giving them a wipe-down with a damp rag to clean them up a bit before letting your kitty go to town on the kebab.

Why are Kitty Kebabs horizontal?

Kitty Kebabs are horizontal, because we got tired of throwing away vertical scratching posts that were shredded to bits only within our cats' reach - leaving 90% of the scratchers untouched. A total waste! To remedy this problem, we simply tried laying a scratching post on its side, so our cat could reach the entire sratchable surface; an instant hit! Not only did the post last much longer, but the novelty of a horizontal scratcher turned the post into an entirely new experience for our kitty. She could scratch standing/laying at all sorts of feline angles, hide-and-pounce from behind it, and, oddly enough, cuddle and sleep with it.

Where is my order?

When your order shipped, you should have received an email with USPS tracking information; either click the tracking number or copy/paste it into the tracking section of the USPS website. If, for some reason, this isn't working, please contact us and we'll get it figured out.

How are Kitty Kebabs sustainable?

Kitty Kebabs are sustainable, because once your cat wreaks havoc on the kebab, you can easily recycle or compost the worn out section and then either get creative and cut cardboard boxes yourself or you can simply order pre-cut refills from us. Instead of purchasing post after post and throwing each one away when only a small portion of the scratcher is worn, you only have to buy one Kitty Kebab and refill small sections when necessary.

Do you guys do wholesale orders?

Currently, we are not accepting wholesale orders, but this is only temporary. As we start to grow a bit more, better streamline our processes, etc. we will then dive into bulk orders.