Kitty Kebab was founded after decades of throwing away scratching posts that were shredded to bits only within our cats' reach - leaving 90% of the scratchers untouched. A total waste!

To remedy this problem, we simply tried laying a scratching post on its side, so our cat could reach the entire sratchable surface; an instant hit! Not only did the post last much longer, but the novelty of a horizontal scratcher turned the post into an entirely new experience for our kitty. She could scratch standing/laying at all sorts of funky feline angles, hide-and-pounce from behind it, and, oddly enough, cuddle and sleep with it.

Unfortunately, the large base of the post was a bulky eyesore. Also, we still had to toss out a good amount of material when the scratcher was done with and then buy another expensive post. 

We searched around for more sustainable options and found a couple, but they were all vertical and none of them struck us as very attractive nor well-made. So, instead of giving up and deciding to throw away more money and resources on subpar cat scratchers for the rest of our lives, we got to work designing our own!




Cats shred just a tiny area of vertical scratching posts to bits before you have to throw them away; however, the Kitty Kebab was designed to rest horizontally on the ground or at an angle against a wall, so your feline friend can reach the entire scratchable surface of the post, thus it takes them much longer to wear out. Furthermore, once your cat wreaks havoc on the kebab, you can easily replace the worn out section by either getting creative and cutting recycled cardboard boxes yourself or you can simply order pre-cut refills from us. Regardless, doing either is much more eco-friendly and affordable than purchasing post after post!



It's easy to make your Kitty Kebab unique, just like your feline friend! Using our high-resolution laser engraver, we are able to add your cat's name to kebab end-caps. The process is fairly quick and easy, so there is little added cost compared to a standard kebab. 




Who would have thought a scratching post could be innovative?! Well, the Kitty Kebab certainly is. Unique, yet beneficial, elements our product features include:

Removable cardboard inserts

Horizontal design

Toys that can be skewered onto the kebab

Coming soon: Sturdy base add-on to make your kebab vertical